The first electrical wafflemaker with the brand name Åviken was produced at AB Åviken Metall Company in Gnosjö, Sweden. It all startet in the beginning of 1940. During the 1940´s they change the design to be more modern. In the centre of 1950´s the design group names "Made in Sweden" designed the new Åviken. It was still produced at AB Åviken Metall Company. In the beginning of 1970 the prodution moved from AB Åviken Metall Company to a factory in the north of sweden, Limsta Produkter AB. During this period the first double wafflemaker with four hearts was produced. In the beginning of 1980 the production was moved to Samhall AB. Samhall produced the first single wafflemaker with high quality plastic covers. In 1991 Samhall got patent of single wafflemaker. The design was very similar to the double 905 which are being produced today. The production of the most famous wafflemaker in Scandinavia the Åviken 905 started in the middle of 1990´s. The production has improved during the years and the quality is better than ever.